What if we dreamed the time of a few images? Here are the most beautiful cakes for Valentine’s Day that we unearthed on Pinterest!
It is known, nothing is more appetizing than a cake that you enjoy with your fingertips or by licking a spoon to leave no crumbs. We see it so much! So much so that we were tempted to dig on Pinterest to find the most beautiful Valentine’s Day cakes (yes we admit it, we are weak) .

The Ali Baba cave of inspirations that is Pinterest lists all the images of the greatest creations of the greatest pastry chefs between two fashion inspirations or DIY ideas . The opportunity to lick your chops while being sure not to take thousands of calories! Enough to also give us ideas for cakes to offer to our loved one for the most greedy of us!

The photos show chocolate or fruity desserts , heart-shaped or rather geometric, with icing or cabbage, all different but with the same purpose: to make us salivate! All the gluttony that results from it makes us want to run into the kitchen to prepare a few before returning to Earth and remember that we are absolutely not Pierre Hermé or Philippe Conticini (or even someone from their family, no gene pastry chef, nothing) !

Life is still so unfair … Come on, we come to our senses and we ogle these sublime creations before running into the kitchen and preparing pretty shortbread or muffins for two for Valentine’s Day !


Chocolate in all its forms for one of the magnificent creations of the famous Pierre Hermé . The one who was voted the best pastry chef in the world in 2016 amazes with his heart-shaped dessert… Enough to indulge your loved one for a treat!

A perfectly executed dessert with chocolate worked in mousse with a hint of vanilla and hazelnut. All topped with a scarlet red heart that makes you want to bite into it! Pascal Caffe t was hard to close a romantic dinner on February 14 .

rest – Christophe RousselLike a lollipop to enjoy for two, the Roussel house dessert offers a mixture of chocolate, puffed rice and speculoos; enough to melt any gourmet (and gourmet)! Nothing better for a romantic evening after a good meal.


Tchin à amour and Amour à Baba … Two explicit names for two splendid desserts that would make any pastry lover pale! The first are small jellies of Champagne accompanied by raspberries while the cake contains puffs with a surprising taste of strawberries and ginger… Enough to give lovers ideas for Valentine’s Day !

Ah, the famous Ladurée macaroons … We could spend hours in the shop salivating as the colors are so varied and the tastes surprising! Imagine what Maison Ladurée is able to do for lovers’ day! A sublime heart-shaped macaroon with raspberries and a rose petal cream embellished with lychees with the sweet name of Ispahan macaroon … Quite a poem!

The young pastry prodigy amazes with these little sweets with exotic flavors. The heartbeat adds a romantic touch with its little heart with a hint of red fruits. The carioca cake takes us straight to the sun for February 14 !

Red for passion or chocolate for gluttony, this year for Valentine’s Day anything goes! So which cake will you want to crack? A heart-shaped cake , a verrine filled with love? It’s up to you to make the right choice and let yourself be tempted by the creations of the greatest pastry chefs who release their Valentine’s Day collection each year . We can even take inspiration from these fabulous cake decorations to give a touch of grandeur to the eclair bought at the local bakery, to play the great pastry chef for a few moments! Yum Yum!

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