4 very Irish things that will make you fall in love with the Emerald Isle

Emerald Isle


country looks exactly like it Ireland is an incredible country; with its ancient fortresses, lands of forests, and majestic cliffs, this came out the pages of a fairytale. For a small country with a population that is almost 4 times smaller than the one of the New York State, Ireland surely makes up to it for its cultural appeal. With that being said, here are 4 things that will 100% make you fall in love with Ireland and want to book a fly to Dublin as soon as possible.

Irish scenery

If you visit Ireland, the only way to appreciate how beautiful this country truly is is by going outside of the capital city. Don’t get me wrong, Dublin is beautiful tourist destination and there’s nothing wrong with spending your whole trip visiting museums, the Grafton Street, and enjoying the city life, but Ireland is truly known for its amazing sceneries, ancient castles, and pristine waters. If your trip to this country lasts more than a weekend, it is a must to visit such famous places like the Cliffs of Moher, the Ring of Kelly, the Rock of Cashel, and the Aran Islands to get a true sense of the country’s magnificence.

Irish Fashion

Speaking of the Aran Islands, another thing we owe the Irish is their significant impact on fashion, style, and class, the most renowned of which is, of course, the iconic Aran sweaters. For many years, these garments, which originated on the tiny islands off the country’s west coast, have been seen on the runways, on celebrities, on the covers of fashion magazines, as well as on people of all ages across the world.  These Irish sweaters are really fashionable and are now regarded a timeless item to have in your wardrobe, so if you’re seeking for one, head to https://www.tarairishclothing.com/  to find your perfect Aran sweater, the best piece of Irish heritage.

Irish celebrations

Regardless of where you live, you’ve surely heard about Irish traditions and holidays, the most well-known one being the recently celebrated St. Patrick’s Day. On this day, the Irish from all over the world commemorate the death of St. Patrick, the patron saint of the country, by wearing green, eating traditional food, listening to folk music, and dancing. Another holiday that, surprisingly, has Irish, or to be more specific, Celtic origins is Halloween. Back in the day, the ancestors of the Irish celebrated the end of summer and the beginning of a new year by performing specific rituals. In fact, many of today’s Halloween traditions, such as the bonfire, trick-or-treating, and the apple bobbing may be traced back to the Celtic festivals and customs.

Irish people

The people of Ireland are among the kindest and most welcoming people you will ever encounter.  Whether you’re visiting Dublin, Galway, or the countryside, the locals will surely make you feel comfortable and welcomed. It would be very helpful to make some friends while on your vacation so that you could travel together and they could show you around the country’s lovely, lesser-known locations. But it’s not just the locals’ kindness that makes the Irish so beloved across the world. Ireland is the homeland of plenty of famous actors, writers, and poets, like James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, Maureen O’Hara, Cillian Murphy, Saoirse Ronan, and many others.

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