When is a Police Check Required In Victoria, AU? Find Out Here.

Check Required In Victoria


There are a number of scenarios in which Victoria, Australia residents and businesses alike are legally required to submit to a police check. Also called a criminal record check, this is simply a document that is issued by the government where it shows the specific details of an individual’s criminal past. If you want to know when you might need to get Police clearance in Victoria, then this article is for you.

Specific Employment Screening Requirement

The hiring process at many Victoria businesses includes a requirement to submit a clean police record. This is very important in certain sectors and careers. The laws requiring criminal background checks are very common in certain sectors like childcare, education, healthcare, government, and elderly care.

Career Licensing and Accreditation

A police check is a must for career licensing or accreditation in Victoria. Those who will hold professional positions in the healthcare industry, legal field, and law enforcement, as well as people who will be involved in the care of the children or the elderly are required to go through a background check.

Overseas or Immigration Requirements

Individuals who are looking to apply for visas, residency, or work opportunities in a foreign country will be required to provide a police check document. This will help evaluate the applicant’s criminal past. In addition, Victoria requires applicants to provide a criminal record check from the country where they originally came from.

Personal Reasons

In many legal or personal circumstances, it may require an individual residing in Victoria to be subject to a police check. This could include matters that involve adoption and family law proceedings. Police checks may also be requested for immigration appeals, name changes, or if there’s a need to apply for specific licenses or permits.

Joining Volunteer Work

Those who will be joining volunteer work may need to undergo a police check. This is crucial before the volunteers will be allowed to legally serve in certain sectors. Volunteers are usually required to go through a thorough background check that specifically deals with children, charities, community groups, etc., to guarantee their suitability for the job and to ensure the safety of the community or groups they will be working with.

Getting a Police Check in Victoria

It is vital to have a good understanding of the importance of police checks in Victoria. Some companies, professions, and even personal situations will require compliance with background checks. The police checks can be conducted by the Victoria Police or other qualified bodies. Many sectors and organizations can greatly benefit from a person’s background check. Knowing if an applicant has a criminal record is a determining factor to get hired or not.

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