Try Different Genres of Short Videos to Go Viral!

Videos to Go Viral!


Short videos are on the top trend! Creators have started participating in the ongoing trend & uploading short videos. Video marketing contributes significantly to grabbing more engagements with likes & plays. Traditionally, long-form content attracts more viewers as it creates more impact on the audience. Gradually, attention span reduces with the introduction of short videos. Many social media platforms introduce their content ideas to increase engagement.

Creators do the best research on the content types & be extra creative with short videos to go viral. These short-form contents might range between 30 to 60 seconds. It unlocks the chance to stand out on the platforms with creative genre themes. Many app for videos allow you to create short videos in different genres. Let’s explore some of these which you can try to go viral.

Top Genres to Create Short Videos for Creators

The internet is flooded with video content to hook audiences. As a creator, you will get the chance to try different ideas while researching the best ideas. It depends upon the creator’s preferences & which content form grabs the audience’s attention. Following are some of the genres you can explore:-


One of the viral content ideas to increase engagement on the short video apps is motivational form. Top creators share their lifestyle & professional insights with followers to guide them. Motivational videos gather more followers when the content is unique & viewers find it more relatable.


Humorous content is the best escape from a boring life! Creators can try this genre to get viral in a short time. It attracts the audience as they can relate to the content ideas. Meme marketing is one of the best examples to understand the virality potential of comedy content. Most creators use short comedy sketches or lip-syncs of funny Bollywood movie dialogues. Stand-up comedians grab more attention & improve their branding with the help of short video apps.


Various people prefer to acquire knowledge from the content rather than get entertained. So, creators share the short videos with content types of general knowledge, financial news, recent happenings worldwide, and technology-based content. It works best for creators who want to add knowledge & make the audience aware of events or information.


Creators who are well-versed in the idea of deep research about business & political topics can go with this genre. For instance, short videos with business case studies might work as viral content. Many marketing enthusiast creators share short videos covering the latest trends. It helps the audience to be aware of the marketing tactics & effective strategies with real-life-based examples.


There is no limitation to the creative art forms that make short videos go viral. Some artistic forms are singers, dancers, painters & even cooking videos. Every creator is required to pick any specific niches & research the target audience. The internet is open to any unique talent form, and many creators expand their following base with viral art content.

User Generated Content

Short-form video content with user-generated form keeps the audience hooked for a long time. For instance, Social media advertising & DIY tutorials for product reviews work for many creators. It can be effective in generating buzz for personal & company branding.

Behind the Scene

Another exciting way to hook the audience is uploading behind-the-scenes short videos. It increases engagement & builds a sense of connection between famous content creators & followers. Viewers love to watch how creators shoot their videos and even share the best tips for creating short videos. You can take reference for such videos by following top stars like Tejassawi Prakash!

Effective Tips & Practices for Short Form Videos

Let’s review some of the best tips to create short videos in 2023 to get viral:-

Be Specific With Content

Before being a creator of short-form video content, it is essential to make sure you know why we are doing it. Whether the aim is to increase brand awareness, present a new product, or showcase information on any particular topic. Knowing your intention before creating short-form videos can help you be more focused. Creators with clear objectives make short videos that are concise & specific while providing content of real value for your audience.

Don’t Copy Others

Instead of copying other creators, try to add more value to the viewers. Copying content will only grab short-term virality, but unique ideas stand with long-term followings. It helps creators stand out from the crowd & present unique content forms with more engagement. Whatever platform you are connecting with, audiences prefer the quality content that works best for them & leaves a good impression.

Include a CTA

If creators aim to promote content ideas, share hacks, product recommendations, or other categories, their short video should include a CTA, i.e., a Call to Action at the end to make viewers follow & share the content. CTA counts as the most critical metric to assess the effectiveness of content & how viral the content can go on the internet. Creators should be cautious not to dedicate too much to CTA alone; keep it short & concise.

Wrapping Up!

Nowadays, creators are more inclined towards getting viral in a short span of time. Rather than starting with existing content, creators can emphasize research & try different genres & pick the best one for them. Look for the best Indian short video app; there are many platforms available, like Hipi.

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