Purpose and types of safety bollards

safety bollards


Many tragedies can be prevented if tighter security measures are implemented. If you are not aware of the benefits offered by Safety Guard Rails and safety bollard for your business, it’s time to make it a part of your business! After all, the safety of employees and customers is important for the business as well.

Protecting the property you have worked hard to create in your business can be secured if you make use of the right products and services. If you install safety guard rails and safety bollards in prime locations around your business space, it can provide you with some much-needed peace of mind. An attack on your business or customers or employees won’t be a concern if you have implemented the right security measures as it can protect from any impending harm. Here are a few products that can protect your business and property:

Retractable & Fixed Bollards: It is usually used on streets, driveways, parking lots and plazas. They restrict access to an area temporarily or permanently. Retractable bollards go into the ground when not in use to avoid tripping and falling incidents. They can be raised again based on when they are needed.

Barricades: They can block access to certain areas where vehicles and people are present. Barricades can provide a secure and safe environment. You can easily find barricades in sports arenas, parking garages and parking lots. They are made of concrete or steel depending on the size and placement. Barricades can block vehicles and are very effective even in small areas.

Road Blockers: These are used to prevent vehicles from driving down a road. It can be temporary or permanent depending on the usage. For example, a part of the street can be blocked for people’s safety if there is a fair or an event being held. A temporary road block might aim at redirecting the traffic away from the area and prevent vehicles from driving through that area where pedestrians meet or gather.

Drop Arm Gates: This is a unique type of gate that features a motorised arm that can be raised up and down to allow the vehicles to pass into a particular area. Unauthorised people cannot access such areas without an ID card for the purpose of identifying that the individual has permission to enter the premises. It would stay stationary until someone with clearance arrives to prove their identity.

Crash Beam Barriers: These beams can be used to prevent a vehicle crashing into an area. They can also provide protection from a terrorist threat or low-scale blasts.

Sliding Gates: It is used to protect pedestrians by sliding into place during special events or heavy traffic where protection would be necessary. Unlike other barriers, they require a human element to prove its worth. The gates need to be slid into position to keep people safe from traffic.

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Safety guard rails, Safety Bollards and other barriers can help in saving and protecting people from incoming traffic or from a huge impact vehicle crash. Installing such barriers can help in increasing the safety and security of an area. 

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