Art Paintings for your Puja Room/Pooja Ghar

Classical Indian Art


A pooja room is an exclusive divine space in the homes of India, which often shows deep emotions attached to deities. It is a sacred spot for peaceful worshipping and meditation. Many homes have separate pooja rooms in the homes where family members can pray to God and Goddesses. However, today’s houses don’t have a dedicated pooja room owing to the lack of space. This is why people keep looking out for ways to decorate their worship area in a unique way. In this blog, we will help you with some pooja room décor ideas with paintings. Trust us these paintings won’t look too much for any kind of interior theme but will blend seamlessly to make an impact on everyone.

1. Pichwai Paintings

The first form of art for your pooja room or pooja Ghar is Pichwai Paintings. It’s an ancient art form that is still chosen by thousands of people for its beauty and significance. The paintings look as divine as Lord Krishna. Yes, the artwork shows the life tales of Lord Krishna, his selfless love for Radha, and much more. Therefore, those who believe in Shri Krishna would love to get Pichwai painting for their pooja room. You will experience positive vibes not just in your pooja Ghar but in the entire house.

2. Pattachitra Paintings

Pattachitra painting is also perfect for pooja room décor. These paintings act as a conversation starter owing to the unique artwork and intricacy. Thanks to the hard work of the artists who create them on cloth canvas using a paste of gum and chalk. As each painting is hand-painted, you will find every piece different in some or another way. Here is how pattachitra artwork will uplift the look and feel of your pooja ghar. As everyone knows that the life tales of Lord Jagannath, Subhadra, and Balabhadra are highly inspirational. Therefore their paintings extend the motivational feeling everywhere. Whether you hang this painting in a separate pooja Ghar or corner in a shared space, you will feel the difference in the atmosphere.

3. Kalighat Paintings

People in West Bengal are already in love with Kalighat painting for their pooja ghar. This unique art form was originated from the City of Joy that’s West Bengal. Highlighting Indian deities and Gods, this painting will help you to stay positive and happy all the time. In the bad life scenarios, Kalighat paintings will give you the strength to fight against all the odds just like Goddess Kali and Durga. Everyone in your home will enjoy a spiritual mood. When these paintings are seen daily, you will feel a change in your personality. You may move towards spirituality!

4. Classical Indian Art

Classical Indian Art or Indian Miniature Art is another artwork that can be used for pooja ghar decoration. These paintings are extremely beautiful as they are hand-painted on paper or cotton cloth canvas. The religious tales from the era of Mughals, Paharis, and Rajputs are very motivational, and you can find the same in these paintings. The unique part of these paintings is that they are very small in size- usually 4” * 5”; still the intricate artwork is fascinating. These paintings will help you remain connected with different religions in India, and inspire you to be secular!

5. Buddha Paintings

The last art form on the list is Buddha Paintings. Not to mention, Lord Buddha is very inspirational and positive. That’s why it is a must-have painting for any pooja room. When you hang a Buddha painting in your pooja room, you will feel like never before. His personality is so divine that all sorrows of life seem to get dulled just with his simple glimpse.  If your pooja space is a part of your hall, then you must get one because it will also serve as a living room décor piece.


No matter whether you have a separate pooja room or a pooja corner in your living room itself, these paintings will extend the sacred vibes instantly while maintaining the interior’s beauty. You don’t need to add anything else to enhance the look of the pooja space when you have these paintings.

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