5 Reasons to Have Comprehensive Eye Exams

Eye Exams


The eyes are one of the most important organs that an individual has. The gift of sight is indispensable with most people feeling helpless when their visual acuity is reduced beyond certain limits. You would thus have to be well prepared to protect your vision. Remember, that age is a crucial factor for eye health. Multiple problems surface with age. That does not mean that you will have no issues related to your vision when you are young though. The best way to ascertain your health vis-à-vis eye condition is to opt for comprehensive eye exams at least once a year.

You are sure to be satisfied with the outcome especially when the eye doctor recommends corrective actions.

Advantages of annual eye examinations

  1. Color Blindness– Every comprehensive eye exam includes a test for gauging color blindness. Sure, this condition becomes prominent right from birth when the child has inherited the faulty genes from one or both parents. However, color blindness can occur in adulthood as well. The revelation comes as a surprise for many people but it is best to know the condition early to pursue effective treatment.
  2. General Health– While an eye specialist and a general doctor is responsible for treating different types of conditions, an eye examination may reveal tell-tale signs of other problems too. The eye doctor is likely to refer the patient to a conventional doctor who is capable of treating general ailments and inherent conditions that manifest themselves as eye problems too.
  3. Eye Structure– The concerned doctor will not only address the visual issues but will also make certain to check the structure of the eye. Shining a bright torch in the ye or performing an optometric examination will reveal the structural anomalies in the optic nerve, retina, and cornea. The professional will advise diagnostic tests to assess the extent of damage and take due measures to correct eyesight while prevention of further damage.
  4. Glaucoma– This is a condition that should not be ignored. Sadly, the ill effects may not be apparent with the patient having no inkling of something being wrong. Failing to have regular eye examinations may aggravate the issue causing the pressure to rise inside the eye. Vision problems that result from glaucoma need o be addressed at the earliest. Leaving it untreated for too long can cause your eyesight to deteriorate over time and may cause blindness unless proper measures are taken in time.
  5. Cataracts– It is normal for an elderly patent to experience difficulties with everyday chores and leisure activities. An inability to read or watch television coupled with blurred images and a halo effect while driving at night point to cataract formation. You must make an effort to have your eyes tested at least once a year when you pass the age of fifty. Opt for cataract surgery at the earliest to enjoy following the same lifestyle as before.

Annual comprehensive eye exams are not an option but a necessity that will help you to improve your life in more ways than one.

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